Change yourself

Rethinking business
change ourselves and talk about this change in detail so that the world and the apparel industry can say goodbye to fast fashion and disposable clothing.

Maniita Lacitta is on a goal to show how, in the fashion industry, where there is not enough transparency, you can transform your brand step by step from a simple mass-product to a sustainable, ethical and conscious one.

The need for changes in the fashion business, taking into account environmental and ethical production issues, is very relevant. And my opinion is that any processes aimed at preserving, reducing, optimizing are already actions!

The main thing is to start.

Why? - it depends on the personal capabilities of each of us.

Everyone's contribution to improving the ecology and quality of life on the planet is important.

This is not a race "who will save the most", this is new important life values, to which we all have to get used to. Let's talk about our actions openly: the more people know and solve the problem, the faster we will get a meaningful result"

Tania S, Founder of Maniita Lacitta