60% of the brand's range is made up of materials that
do not contain synthetic elements,
20% - clothing made from recycled plastic and cotton
We use Organic fabrics and dyes so that people and the planet are not exposed to harmful pesticides.
It uses low impact non-toxic dyes in all its products. Its use of eco-friendly materials limits the amount of water and wastewater used in production.
While we use very little synthetic materials, what we do use is recycled or easily remove-able and widely recycle-able and we use no single-use plastics anywhere.

Where dead-stock buttons are not available, we use coconut or shell buttons. Coconut and shell are renewable, biodegradable and a environmentally friendly alternative to plastic buttons.

We use:
  • GOTS certified Organic fabrics from Poland - PAWOTEX
  • Linen from Belarus
  • Recycled plastic and cotton materials from Finland - Pure Waste
  • Fittings and consumables for sewing from Latvia - Arta